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    Solution for All of Your Water, Power, and Air Problems at Green Country

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    At Green Country, we are dedicated to building a sustainable future by generating power, purifying water, and enriching air. For the past eight years, we have proudly served the Tulsa community, striving to exceed your expectations at every stage—from sales to installation to lifelong support. Let our satisfied clients tell you why choosing Green Country was the right decision for them.

    generac generators

    Ensure your home stays powered during any outage with Generac generators. Dependable, efficient, and ready to keep your life running smoothly.

    Rainsoft water treatment

    Transform your home’s water with RainSoft water treatment systems. Enjoy cleaner, healthier water you can trust for your family.


    The best solution for your business and family

    The best solution for your Family Business |

    Green Country has been a reputable name in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the past 50 years, known for providing excellent power solutions, air solutions, and water treatment services. As the best dealer of Generac in the area, our Generac generators are engineered for top performance. We also specialize in generator installation and comprehensive generator service. Our RainSoft water softener service ensures the highest quality water treatment. The cornerstones of our reputation are excellence, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

    We Offer Solutions that You Will Enjoy Long into the Future



    Avoid having a power outage destroy your day. You have confidence in Green Country to keep everything operational and the lights on. We at Green Country Water, Power, and Air provide durable Generac generators to provide you with peace of mind. Absence of electrical power? Not a problem! Our generators start up on their own, so your life continues and your lights stay on. Providing lead services for home generators in Tulsa since 2016. We will take care at every step, from the start of the project towards the end process. Maintenance and repair are also done by our highly qualified staff. 


    Pure water is of prime importance for your family’s health. Bad water is the main cause of many infections in our body, such as urinary tract infections or respiratory health issues. If you need the best quality filter for water and air, Rainsoft Water is here for you. Water quality is no longer an issue for you with our services. Our RainSoft water conditioning and drinking water systems are expertly crafted to address a wide range of water quality challenges. Our solutions offer effective and affordable ways to ensure your home enjoys the highest quality water possible.


    Don’t let a power outage disrupt your day. Trust Green Country to keep everything running smoothly. At Green Country Water, Power, and Air, we provide durable Generac generators, giving you peace of mind. With our standby generators, losing electrical power is not a problem—they automatically start up, ensuring your life continues uninterrupted. As a leading Generac dealer, we have been providing top-tier home generator services in Tulsa since 2006. From project initiation to completion, we handle every step with care. Our highly qualified staff also offers comprehensive Generac generator service, including maintenance and repair.


    Pure water is of prime importance for your family’s health. Contaminated water can cause numerous infections, including urinary tract infections and respiratory issues. If you need the best quality water and air filters, RainSoft Water is here for you. With our services, water quality will no longer be a concern. Our expertly crafted RainSoft water conditioning and drinking water systems address a wide range of water quality challenges. We also offer comprehensive RainSoft water softener maintenance and repair services in Tulsa. Our solutions provide effective and affordable ways to ensure your home enjoys the highest quality water possible.

    Why Choose Us

    Our top-of-the-line Generac generators will be installed by our skilled technician. Our team will facilitate you with honesty and will provide you with great customer service. We are providing the best pricing in Tulsa for Generac commercial generators. Maintenance and monitoring with our expert team are at your doorstep. Your family and business security are our priorities. We are providing super fast delivery with the installation at your house or business. Our customers are satisfied with our services in Tulsa.

    What Our Customers Say

    What Our Customers Say Love |

    We are focused on 100% customer satisfaction on every call, installation, test and customer interaction.

    This has been the best purchase of my life. The water is amazing. The faucets never get calcium buildup. All windows, mirrors and even my car never get water spots when washed. My clothing is softer and lasts longer.

    Daniel T Designation

    Buy this system, you will not regret it! My skin and hair are noticeably healthier, my eczema is gone and we save so much on household items as you don’t need to use anywhere near as much! I’m very pleased with the Josh, our salesman, and the company itself!

    Cristan W Designation

    I do not believe I have had a better experience with any other company before! From every aspect of Sales, Technicians and Management has be Top Notch. Kenn the sales representative that did our water test was great!

    Joshua P Designation

    We had a complete Rainsoft system installed and we are so happy with our water! Our skin and hair are noticeably healthier and we feel much better knowing that all of the harmful contaminants are no longer in our drinking water.

    G Westby Designation

    Installation, Services, and Maintenance

    • Our installation process is incredibly fast. Place your order today, and we will install your generator within the next 30 days.
    • We pride ourselves on providing reliable services to our customers, your satisfaction as our top priority.
    • Our top-notch maintenance team ensures your generators remain in excellent working condition. Rest assured, your product will always be maintained at its best.

    Buy a Home Backup Generator at Green Country

    We are an authentic dealer of Generac generators in Tulsa. You can buy different types of generators from us. We guarantee you super fast installation and also the maintenance of your product.

    Here are some products that suit your home or business. 

    Why do customers trust Green Country Water Power & Air

    • We build trust in your local area of Tulsa.
    • Authentic dealers of Generac generators.
    • Our RainSoft water treatment ensures the quality of water for your family.
    • Protect yourself from many diseases and infections caused by hard water with trusted Green Country services.